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Sunday, Oct 02, 2022

New government advisor to discuss Covid jab for children aged below three

New government advisor to discuss Covid jab for children aged below three

Scientific Committees will meet next month to discuss lowering the age of receiving Sinovac vaccination to below three, new Covid-19 Expert Advisory Panel member Lau Yu-lung said.
He said the committee will review the serum resistance and safety of the vaccine.

As to when the vaccination can be used on children aged six months to three years old, Lau said it has to wait for data from the pharmaceutical company.

He expected that young children could receive the first dose as early as September and the second one in October.

Separately, four experts, including Yuen Kwok-yung and Ivan Hung Fan-ngai suggested earlier relaxing the social distance rules to allow the public to develop hybrid immunity from both prior infection and vaccination.

Lau agreed that social distancing rules should no longer be tightened, but students still need to be tested daily so that classes can be suspended in time for an outbreak.

In addition, premises should also be well ventilated and citizens should continue to wear masks. He added that sewage testing was also necessary to help reflect the infection data in the community.

Lau stressed that it is necessary to avoid an explosive rise in confirmed cases to prevent the collapse of the healthcare system. He said although infants aged below six months could not be vaccinated, pregnant women can effectively protect their babies by getting jabbed.

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