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Wednesday, Jun 23, 2021

MTR admits worker kneeling on passenger’s neck is a disturbing view

MTR admits worker kneeling on passenger’s neck is a disturbing view

A spokesperson of MTR admitted in a district council meeting that a worker kneeling on a passenger’s neck was a disturbing view for the public to see.
Last month in Heng Fa Chuen station, a passenger with records of mental illnesses became aggressive after MTR workers attempted to check his ticket. The workers together subdued the man on the ground finally, with one spotted kneeling on the man’s neck.

Andy Yu Tak-po, Yau Tsim Mong district councilor, challenged the train company that it was a dangerous move to “kneel on somebody’s neck”, saying that the move had caused death before. He asked what were the guidelines for MTR staff on use of minimum force.

Another councilor Lee Kwok Kuen pointed out that MTR staff should report to the police when a conflict occurred, instead of handling the clash with violence by themselves.

Lee challenged whether MTR was empowered to use forces as well.

Chan Yiu-chung, assistant public relations manager (external affairs) of MTR, admitted that the scene caused in the incident was not ideal and it was a disturbing view. He said MTR had conducted a review after the incident, and will remind staff to avoid physical clashes with passengers in the future.

However Chan didn’t comment on questions regarding the guidelines on use of minimum force and whether “kneeling on somebody’s neck” fell within minimum force.

He only said that the case was handled by the police for the moment and he was not in a good place to disclose more information.

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