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Sunday, Sep 26, 2021

Motion passed to disband Professional Teachers' Union

Over a hundred of members representatives passed a motion in a special meeting today to officially disband the Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union.
Two weeks earlier the union held a special meeting to change the rule for disbandment. The new rule now allows the union to seek approval from only two thirds of the member representatives in the meeting before disbanding.

In today's meeting attended by over 140 member representatives, 136 of them voted to disband the union, according to president Fung Wai-wah. Six voiced objection while two didn't vote. This meant the motion to disband the city's largest teacher union was passed.

Fung also said the Szeto Wah Education Fund owned by the union will cease all operations.

He added the union will now put its focus on the procedures following the disbandment, including sales of the real estate owned by the union, dismissal of employees and terminations of working relationship with other partners.

If there is any money left after handling all relevant issues, it will be divided and shared equally among members, and donated to other education association and charities, Fung noted.

Fung said with a heavy heart that he will do his best for the upcoming works and thanked members for their care. He also encouraged members to stand firm and perform their duties well in their positions, in order to contribute to the education sector.

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