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Wednesday, Aug 17, 2022

Mother urgently searches for baby' skull-shaping helmet left in taxi

A mother is now urgently searching for a skull-shaping helmet worth over HK$20,000 for her six-month-old baby girl after accidentally leaving it in a taxi Tuesday.
The pink helmet, tailor-made by a factory in the U.S., was kept inside a black and white stripes Mickey Mouse bag when the mother surnamed Lau got off the taxi with her older daughter and the newborn on Kung Lok Road in Kwun Tong around noon on Tuesday.

Lau said she is worried that whoever picks up that helmet may not be aware of its importance and just throw it away.

She went on to say that ordering a new helmet will cost her a fortune and the production alone will take two weeks already, followed by another two weeks for the baby to adapt to her new helmet. She became concerned that her baby may fall behind on her recovery schedule.

Lau further explained that the baby was born when Hong Kong entered the peak of the fifth wave early this year. Unfortunately, family members were infected with Covid in turns and they could only quarantine the baby in her room.

Although the family successfully kept Covid away from the toddler, she had been lying in bed on one side for an extended period, causing part of her skull to flatten. Worrying this may affect her growth and health, the family took her to the doctor and ordered the helmet for a skull-shaping treatment.

Lau said she contacted the taxi radio call station but in vein and filed a report to police already. She then decided to go online and asked netizens' to help keep an eye on the whereabouts of the helmet.

Citizens who find the helmet can contact Lau by dialing 9666 9055 and receive a suitable reward.

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