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Friday, Aug 19, 2022

Most coronavirus deaths occurring in hospitals

Most coronavirus deaths occurring in hospitals

Latest figures show some are happening in the community but most are on hospital wards.

The Office for National Statistics has released new figures on the number of deaths involving coronavirus.

The data gives us the most accurate picture of where deaths are occurring.

Unlike the statistics we have heard about before now, these include every community death linked to Covid-19 in England and Wales.

According to the data, which covers seven days, 539 death certificates mentioned coronavirus, which is 4.8% of all deaths in the week up to 27 March.

That's risen from 1% of deaths the week before.

These figures seem smaller than the current total number of deaths for the UK - which stand at 5,373 - because most of the deaths from coronavirus have occurred in the last 10 days as the pandemic picks up pace.

The vast majority of coronavirus deaths are happening in hospitals - 501 of the 539 deaths analysed here - but some are occurring in hospices and care homes too, says the ONS.

Why the increase?

The latest data captures more than the hospital deaths of patients who had tested positive for coronavirus and so definitely had the infection.

It looks at community deaths - people who died at home or in residential care who doctors recorded on the death certificate as probably having Covid-19.


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