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Thursday, Apr 15, 2021

Misbehaving lawmakers will be suspended from LegCo meetings

Misbehaving lawmakers will be suspended from LegCo meetings

Misbehaving lawmakers will be suspended from Legislative Council meetings as the council passed amendments to curb conflicts and filibustering inside the chamber.
Legislators on Thursday passed amendments to change rules of procedures in LegCo, including a progressive penalty system that sees rule-breaking lawmakers suspended from meetings for a week initially.

For repeated offenses, the suspension will length to two weeks and four weeks respectively.

Localist Civic Passion lawmaker Cheng Chung-tai, the only lawmaker that voted against the amendment said such a move will hollow out space for debate, undermining the parliamentary culture.

“The National People's Congress has already approved electoral changes in Hong Kong, where there will be a panel to vet candidates running for LegCo in the future. Theoretically, anyone being able to speak in the LegCo in the future should be patroits, such a move is totally unnecessary,” said Cheng.

Some pro-establishment lawmakers also voiced concerns over the harsh “punishment.”

Tourism sector lawmaker Yiu Si-wing said suspending rule-breaking lawmakers for more than a week is too harsh.

“A one-week suspension can already do the job, reminding lawmakers not to repeat their mistakes,” he said.

While lawmaker Gary Chan Hak-kan said lawmakers being suspended should not pay a fine at the same time.

However, both lawmakers still vote in favor of the amendment.

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