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Tuesday, Jun 28, 2022

McDonalds donates meal vouchers to 30,000 families in need

McDonalds donates meal vouchers to 30,000 families in need

McDonald's is donating HK$3 million in meal vouchers to the charity Caritas Hong Kong for 30,000 families, helping to fight the epidemic.
Chief executive of McDonald's Hong Kong, Randy Lai, said she hoped to bring warmth to the grassroots in Hong Kong, where many people are facing unprecedented challenges.

Father Joseph Yim, CEO of Caritas Hong Kong, pointed out that the fifth wave of Covid-19 has had a severe impact on the livelihood of grassroots families. He thanked social enterprises for helping grassroots families in need and working together to cope with their severe difficulties.

The 30,000 families include those who receive Comprehensive Social Security Assistance or subsidies under Working Family Allowance Scheme, and other residents in need identified by Caritas Hong Kong. They don't need to register for the scheme on their own.

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