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Sunday, Oct 02, 2022

Manufacturers leader claim to suffer loss but experts hesitate about '0+7' scheme

Manufacturers leader claim to suffer loss but experts hesitate about '0+7' scheme

Business sectors urged relaxing the quarantine measures as inbound travellers confirmed Covid-19 accounting for merely 1.2 percent in the past month.
Hong Kong issued the "3+4" quarantine arrangement for overseas travellers last month, seeing 1,450 of around 117,000 inbound people reported to be diagnosed with Covid within the first three days when they arrived, according to the statistic of the Centre for Health Protection.

"The business sectors hope for the quarantine to be loosened and switch to completely self-surveillance," said Allen Shi Lop-tak, President of the Chinese Manufacturer's Association of Hong Kong, noting it will contribute to business trade between local and foreign merchants.

"The quarantine measures in Hong Kong are outdated since many areas in the world have already cancelled the travel isolation orders," he said.

Shi added that the financial industry might suffer from around 10 percent of business income if current disease prevention arrangements continue.

The city recorded around 225,000 confirmed Covid cases in the latest month, taking a percentage of three of the population.

Leung Chi-chiu, a respiratory expert, claimed that increasing inbound travellers would not affect the current epidemic situation.

"However, the healthcare resources might suffer from more pressure," he said, citing that the BA.4/5 virus variants cases still accounted for around 60 percent of the total cases.

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