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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Man suspectedly poisoned after consuming locally caught puffer fish

Man suspectedly poisoned after consuming locally caught puffer fish

A 57-year-old man suspectedly suffered food poisoning after consuming cooked puffer fish caught in local waters on Friday.
The man consumed the cooked fish caught in local waters at home yesterday (Friday), and developed perioral numbness about two hours later.

He went to the Accident and Emergency Department of Yan Chai Hospital in the early hours on Saturday and is now in a stable condition.

The Center for Health Protection said the consumption of puffer fish is the main cause of food poisoning from tetrodotoxin, a potent water-soluble neurotoxin that can affect the central nervous system.

The center added the investigation is ongoing and reminded the public not to purchase and prepare puffer fish or unknown fish for consumption.

"Organs such as the liver, gonads and skin of puffer fish have high concentrations of tetrodotoxin. Being heat-stable, the toxin does not decompose upon cooking, boiling, drying or freezing,” a spokesperson for the center said.

“Tetrodotoxin intoxication can cause problems in respiration and circulation and is potentially fatal. There is no known antidote or antitoxin that can decompose tetrodotoxin,” the spokesperson continued.

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