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Wednesday, Dec 08, 2021

Man found dead with centenarian mother used to feed her in restaurant, neighbors recalled

A 59-year-old man who was found dead alongside his centenarian mother used to feed her in a restaurant, neighbors recalled.
Yesterday, the man and his wheelchair-bound, 103-year-old mother were found dead in a flat at Bik Yuk House in Po Shek Wu Estate, Sheung Shui. It was suspected that the had man died from a heart attack, after which his mother, who was left unattended, died a week later.

Today, police unlocked the door to the home they were found in. Items including medicine and clothes could be seen on the floor.

A security guard report to the police yesterday that a foul smell was emanating from a flat in that building. Policemen and firemen arrived at the scene and knocked down the door to find the two inside the flat.

According to sources, the two moved into the building around a year ago and Wong had been taking care of his mother this whole time. Neighbors even said they had seen Wong feeding his 103-year-old mother in a cha chaan tang, praising Wong for being good son.

The cause of their death will require further examination.

According to police, Wong suffered from heart disease. Officers suspected that Wong passed away after a sudden heart attack. Upon his death, his mother, Cheung, with no one to take care for her or feed her, starved to death afterwards.

The Social Welfare Department said the family is not one of the cases handled by its social workers. The department is now trying to contact their family members and offer help.

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