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Tuesday, Dec 06, 2022

Man allegedly ‘kidnapped’ in Chai Wan actually arrested by police

Man allegedly ‘kidnapped’ in Chai Wan actually arrested by police

A home invasion and abduction in Chai Wan yesterday (Wed) turned out to have been the arrest of a suspect by the police.
The Police received a woman’s report last night at about 11pm, claiming four men broke into her home and kidnapped her son.

The man, a 39-year-old named Ngai, is said to have lost contact with his mother after she was informed by the neighbors that he had been kidnapped by four men at around 9pm.

Officers rushed to the man’s residential place in Chai Wan Estate Wan Ying House and confirmed the “kidnap” was an arrest operation that led plainclothes inspectors to the man who was accused of criminal intimidation.

According to officers, Ngai lived in the same flat with his mother, three kids, and wife.

The couple was learned to have had an argument earlier, and the wife left the house with two daughters, after which Ngai sent messages to the daughters threatening to hurt the son - who had been left behind - if the wife and daughters did not return home.

The wife then called the police, which led to inspectors arriving at Ngai’s flat to take him away.

Ngai is now under investigation, with the “abduction” case reclassified from a “Request for Police Assistance” to “Miscellaneous.”

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