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Friday, Dec 09, 2022

Majority of Hongkongers prefer "0+7” quarantine scheme, study shows

Majority of Hongkongers prefer "0+7” quarantine scheme, study shows

A City University of Hong Kong survey has found that most people in Hong Kong prefer a reduction in the number of days required for inbound travelers to stay in quarantine hotels, with about 60 percent of respondents supporting the “0+7” model.
The research conducted by the university’s Department of Media and Communication asked 1,042 local citizens aged above 20 about their opinions on the “3+4” isolation and quarantine policy in August.

Some 44.1 percent of respondents considered the policy effective in controlling the spread of Covid-19, while nearly half, or 49 percent, felt that it was inconvenient in their daily lives.

The research team noted divergent views when the respondents were asked about their preferred combination of compulsory quarantine in hotels and medical surveillance at home.

The top three models selected by respondents were the “0+0” model (12.2 percent), i.e., no quarantine requirements, the “0+7” model (10.8 percent), and the “3+4” model (10.1 percent).

However, when asked to choose between the two options of “3+4” and “0+7”, more respondents (57.9 percent) opted for the “0+7” model, according to the survey.

Meanwhile, the research team also found that older respondents and those with a lower family income or lower education level opted for the “3+4” model, while younger respondents and those with a higher family income or higher education level preferred the “0+7” model.

Lead researcher Christine Huang Yi-hui, also the Chair Professor of the Department of Media and Communication, said many countries, such as the UK, Singapore, and Japan, have adjusted their anti-pandemic policy by significantly relaxing or canceling the quarantine requirements for inbound travelers.

“Our survey found that the interviewed local citizens preferred similar adjustments to connect with other places. We would like to suggest the government consider the needs of citizens with different backgrounds, adopt a scientific approach and use appropriate communication strategies to suit the needs of specific groups when formulating, implementing, and promoting related policies,” she added.

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