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Monday, Jan 24, 2022

Mainland-made Covid drugs approved for SAR clinical trials

Mainland-made Covid drugs approved for SAR clinical trials

Mainland-made Covid-19 medication that can reduce death rates by 78 percent has been approved for clinical trials in Hong Kong.
A combination of the injectable BRII-196 and BRII-198 by pharmaceutical firm Brii Biosciences contains antibodies similar to those generated by Covid-19 survivors.

University of Hong Kong infectious disease expert Ho Pak-leung said yesterday that this has been used in the United States, South America and the Philippines.

After using the drugs for five days after diagnosis, the risk of death or developing serious conditions from Covid can be lowered by 78 percent, Ho said.

Similar medications from other brands are expected to be approved for emergency use in the US soon, he added.

The Hospital Authority said yesterday that government experts have been monitoring the pandemic and the latest development of medical resources.

"Referring to the latest data provided by pharmaceutical companies and drug administrations around the world, the HA will purchase and store Covid-19 medication to ensure patients can receive prescriptions that are safe and effective new drugs," it said.

Hong Kong yesterday recorded four imported cases from Singapore, Germany, the United Kingdom and Pakistan.

These cases takes the city's tally to 12,396 with 213 deaths.

All four cases have been vaccinated and were carrying the L452R mutant strain present in the Delta variant.

Meanwhile, experts said that the risk of transmitting Covid-19 by way of parcel packaging is low.

They added that the coronavirus detected on a Taobao parcel arriving in Hong Kong was likely dead.

The parcel containing clothes was from Inner Mongolia and arrived in Hong Kong last Saturday.

Separately, Hong Kong Disneyland Park will open today after a suspected re-positive case was found in the park on Sunday.

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