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Friday, Dec 09, 2022

Lok Fu Place unveils action-packed "Holiday Farm” with free sports and art activities

Lok Fu Place, a Link mall in bustling Central Kowloon, kicks off its “Holiday Farm” campaign, bringing green living and challenging new sports including Dodge Ball Challenges, Slacklining, “5D Fruit Hunter” VR Swing, PlayMobile S3, and art jamming events.
“Holiday Farm”, to be held until December 2022, takes place in a huge outdoor leisure space of over 10,000 square feet known as Zone A and Zone B of Lok Fu Place.

Speaking at the “Holiday Farm” opening ceremony, Link Managing Director of Leasing (HK) Gary Fok says, “Link strives to consolidate its role in placemaking and connecting all stakeholders in the community. With this people-centric stance in mind, we design public spaces that promote interactions, bringing the character of the neighbourhood to life and reinvigorating our properties into places for community engagement.”

“Holiday Farm” features PlayMobile S3, a one-of-a-kind mobile playground for a play experience without bounds, is created in partnership with charity organisation Playright Children’s Play Association.

“The vast space of Lok Fu Place is perfect for us to conjure a learn-through-play experience without constraints, and to facilitate children’s holistic development,” says Dr. Victor Koong Hing-yeung, Co-Vice Chairperson of Playright Children’s Play Association.

“Holiday Farm” also introduces “Slacklining”, a new sport from Germany that focuses on developing balance, motor coordination, concentration and, above all, a problem-solving mindset that contributes to holistic growth.

Another highlight is the “5D Fruit Hunter” VR swing, which teases the senses and brings visitors to a fun trip and an active lifestyle.

At the opening ceremony, local illustrators Pei Chung and Pen So unleash their creativity in an art jamming demonstration to display the social value of art and artistic dialogue.

An art jamming event will be held in November with 10 Hong Kong artists creating art pieces with 100 participants. These co-created artworks will be sold and proceeds will benefit organizations for children’s development.

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