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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Liquor merchant catches man trying to buy whiskey using a fake cheque

A smart merchant caught a man trying to purchase bottles of whiskey worth HK$420,000 using a fake cheque on Wednesday.
The incident took place at the office of a liquor store at New City Centre on Lei Yue Mun Road in Kwun Tong. The liquor store boss, surnamed Sham, put a liquor set containing six bottles of whiskey worth HK$420,000 on sale on online trading platform Carousell this morning.

The man soon expressed his interest and said he can make the purchase today. The man then arrived the office and met Sham there. The man aged around 20 to 30 was wearing a black top and a black cap at that time, according to the liquor store boss.

“He looks like a thief and his hands have been shaking since he walked into the office,” Sham recalled.

Sham let the black-clad man examine the liquor first. However the man refused to take a closer look at the bottles of liquor and just ordered Sham to directly pack them in a box.

The man said that his friend had transferred the money into Sham's bank account. Yet Sham only found that a cheque, which he could not cash in, was deposited into his bank account.

The man insisted that he had paid the money, but Sham found the incident suspicious and warned he was going to report to the police.

As the words came out of Sham's mouth that man started running away. Sham followed the man but lost him at Kwun Tong MTR station.

“Why would he run if he didn't steal or rob me of anything?” said Sham.

The boss still filed a report to police in the end, and officers have listed the case as obtaining property by deception. No arrest was made so far.

According to Sham, he bought those bottles of whiskey about four to five years ago for tens of thousands of Hong Kong dollars. The value of the liquor has increased tenfold since then.

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