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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Legco will stop 'yellow circle' bullying

The Legislative Council's security panel is mulling on ways to stop the "yellow economic circle" from bullying merchants and broadcasters online.
Lawmaker Paul Tse Wai-chun said although "black-clad violence" has been stopped, the "yellow economic circle" - where pro-democracy supporters frequent "yellow shops" that support protesters and boycott "blue shops" that are pro-government - is still active.

"Many merchants or even broadcasters have been complaining that they were smeared, while their advertisers or artists were victims of nuisances," Tse said.

"They also complained that people were using unfair ways to affect their businesses. Therefore I am hoping to do something in the legislature from a security point of view," he added.

Lawmaker Maggie Chan Man-ki also voiced her concern over the progress of legislation regulating behaviors related to donations popular during the 2019 anti-fugitive bill movement.

His comment came as Eastweek, The Standard's sister publication, reported that "Charley Wong," an online platform supporting the movement, urged its supporters not to spend money on merchants they regarded as pro-government.

For "Charley Wong," that included exerting pressure on those who placed advertisements on local broadcaster Television Broadcasts, which has drawn fire from protesters for pro-government bias in its news coverage.

Meanwhile, all except one of 18 Legco's panels saw no competition in its chairman and vice chairman elections in their first meeting yesterday.

Competition only appeared in the vice chairman election of the legal affairs panel, with barrister Eunice Yung Hoi-yan from the New People's Party winning the position with 10 votes over legal sector lawmaker Ambrose Lam San-keung with five.

Yung's victory means that this is the first time a lawmaker representing the legal sector failed to hold either the chairman or vice chairman position of the legal affairs panel.

Across all of the panels, the chairmanships were taken by veteran lawmakers, while the majority of vice chairman positions were taken by newcomers.

But there were still minor hiccups, as lawmaker Junius Ho Kwan-yiu was late to his information technology and broadcasting panel meeting.

After finance committee chairman Chan Kin-por announced that Ho was elected as the chairman of the panel, Ho was not in his seat. Chan therefore had to help him announce the result of the vice chairman election.

He later apologized after rushing into the conference room and said: "I'm really sorry, I exited the lift on the wrong floor and had to wait for another one."

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