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Monday, Jul 26, 2021

LegCo to regulate lawmakers’ attire during meetings

LegCo to regulate lawmakers’ attire during meetings

The Legislative Council is mulling to regulate lawmakers’ attire during meetings, requiring lawmakers to dress formally and banning sneakers and jeans.
Paul Tse Wai-chun, the chair of the Committee on Rules of Procedure, said all members are inclined to accept the suggestion of the Secretariat, which requires lawmakers to dress formally and lists all inappropriate outfits, including sports attire, sneakers and jeans.

Tse believed anyone who breaches the regulation would be warned by the president of the council. Further violation would be reported as a misconduct.

Tse also said the committee is discussing restricting lawmakers on posing signs and banners when it is not their turn. He suggested lawmakers would only hold signs and banners at their seats when they are present at the meetings.

The signs and banners could not say anything to insult the council, and could not block the sight of other lawmakers and the president, according to Tse.

Tse expected the regulation to encourage people to show more respect and to change citizens’ perception of the council.

According to the Rules of Procedure, all members shall enter or leave the council properly attired and with decorum. Yet the requirement is not clearly defined with specifics.

Former lawmaker Leung Kwok-hung used to attend meetings in T-shirts, and he once received a warning from the president, instructing him not to do so. However the instruction was later repealed, and lawmakers are only required to attend meetings in tidy and clean outfits since then.

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