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Saturday, Dec 03, 2022

Legco passes motion thanking CE John Lee for his annual policy address

The Legislative Council passed a motion of thanks for Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu’s policy address on Friday after three days of debate.
The passage came in the form of a show of hands as no councilor called for a vote by open ballot.

Hong Kong leader Lee expressed his gratitude to the Legco for passing the motion, saying that the government will study and analyze lawmakers’ views, so that his team can be more down to earth in implementing relevant measures and better meet the expectations of the public.

“I express my gratitude to LegCo Members for offering their views on various measures in the Policy Address…especially for their suggestions on different arenas related to further improving governance, creating strong impetus for growth, attracting businesses and talents, fostering innovation and technology as well as cultural infrastructure, addressing people's concerns and working together for a harmonious, caring and inclusive society,” said Lee.

The chief executive also said he and his team would continue to strengthen formal and informal exchanges with Legco members with a view to achieving better synergy for enhancing governance capability and efficacy, so that members of the public can share the fruits of our achievements in starting a new chapter for Hong Kong.

While lawmakers overwhelmingly passed the motion, they did offer criticism and advice while debating topics such as youth policies and the government's handling of the pandemic.

New People's Party chairwoman Regina Ip criticized the government for Hong Kong having an education system that causes young people to be too individualistic.

She said this played a part in recent shocking incidents, such as the MIRROR concert accident where a huge video screen fell and injured two dancers, as well as two Cathay Pacific flight attendants flouting Covid rules.

"They put up excuses that sounded so selfish...They had no regard to collective responsibility that one should have in a society," Ip said, adding that she thinks young people are unaware of how to abide by the law.

Lawmaker Doreen Kong, representing the Election Committee, said while the John Lee administration has been relaxing Covid rules in a timely manner, they also need to review whether existing measures still match the actual situation faced by the people.

"Some of the measures are outdated and shouldn't be continued. These would actually be a huge obstacle for our development," she said.

"I hope the government would review the policies to see whether they're really on par with the current need, and to be more forward thinking."

Health minister Lo Chung-mau said the Covid daily caseload has recently rebounded, and it's not time for the public to let their guard down.

For his part, Chief Secretary Eric Chan said the government will implement policies in accordance with the general direction of comments made by President Xi Jinping during his Hong Kong visit in July.

Chan said while councilors had different views and proposals, they collectively played the overture of a new chapter in Hong Kong.

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