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Friday, Dec 09, 2022

LegCo members to join governing team reflects diversity

LegCo members to join governing team reflects diversity

Four lawmakers were appointed to the key roles under incoming Hong Kong leader John Lee Ka-chiu's cabinet. When asked about does it reflects a shortage of political talents in the pool, Lee said it is a reflection of diversity and also the strengths and experiences.
The four included Deputy Secretary for Justice Cheung Kwok-kwan; Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs Alice Mak Mei-kuen; Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry Sun Dong; and the Director of Audit Nelson Lam.

“The Legislative Council members that are invited into the governing team all have their strengths, experiences, and also the strong will to serve Hong Kong well,” Lee said that he wants the team member to come from various backgrounds so the government could gather as many as possible experiences, angles, and strengths from different sectors.

“They share the same ideal of governance. They will be result-oriented, they will be strong on team spirit and strong on execution.”

Lee added that the selection of officials is all on his own ideas. And the necessary procedures for the picks have all been conducted in accordance with the law.

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