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Thursday, May 19, 2022

LeaveHomeSafe app to allow users to upload their whereabouts to Hong Kong health code

LeaveHomeSafe app to allow users to upload their whereabouts to Hong Kong health code

Hong Kong authorities will update the LeaveHomeSafe app, allowing users to upload their visited locations to a “Hong Kong health code” if they want to travel to the mainland, an IT expert said.
Mainland China has long enforced a health code system. Users are given three color codes based on the risks of them getting Covid-19, and only those with a green code can roam freely.

On Thursday, authorities will announce major updates to the Hong Kong health code, which people have to use if they want to go to mainland.

It is understood that the HK code, which takes the form of a website, will require users to submit their personal information including Hong Kong identity card number and address.

They also have to upload health declaration forms, vaccination records, travel history in the past 14 days as well as results of Covid test conducted within 48 hours.

Based on the information, they will get codes in green, yellow or red. Those who have attained a green code will get a QR code, which they must show to mainland immigration.

Honorary president of Hong Kong Information Technology Federation Francis Fong Po-kiu said the update in the Hong Kong health code will come with one for the LeaveHomeSafe app.

LeaveHomeSafe users can voluntarily choose to upload their travel records to the Hong Kong health code system website. If citizens need not visit mainland, they can choose not to upload any travel records, Fong said.

Fong explained that the manual uploading can help avoid the scenario where Hongkongers are required to use their real names when downloading the LeaveHomeSafe app.

Only those who want to go to mainland will be required to use their real names to register on the HK health code system, while those who stay in Hong Kong can continue using the LeaveHomeSafe app without entering their names on the app.

“The recent mandate (to require everyone who enter restaurants to use LeaveHomeSafe) has already caused controversy in society. There will be fewer people downloading and using the app if citizens misunderstand that they have to register their real names when using the app.”

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