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Saturday, Jul 24, 2021

Judiciary: 65 percent of anti extradition bill cases concluded

Judiciary: 65 percent of anti extradition bill cases concluded

There are 1,752 cases related to the anti extradition bill in 2019 as of the end of February this year, and over 65 percent of these cases are concluded, according to the judiciary.
It also noted that it is infeasible to set up a designated court to handle unrest cases, in response to a question by lawmaker Junius Ho Kwan-yiu.

Among those cases, over 1,100 cases are concluded, marking over 65 percent completion rate.

The judiciary pointed out that the operations for such cases related to social events are complicated, mostly because of the great number of defendants, legal representatives, the press and the public. Another element is that mass video and recording evidence is involved.

Such operations pose challenges to how the judiciary arranges resources and manpower, they added.

The judiciary said more legal bodies are involved and tightened schedules are set, in order to handle the cases faster and in a more proactive manner.

Another lawmaker Priscilla Leung Mei-fun also asked the judiciary whether they will appoint ad hoc judges or court to speed up anti extradition bill cases starting from June 2019.

The judiciary replied that it is impossible to put such cases in one category and pass to appointed judges and courts. They explained that these cases cover a wide range of crimes, with different measurements of penalty and other facts to be taken into account.

There are other stakeholders who think such arrangement is impractical. The judiciary denied this advice as well after assessment.

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