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Friday, Feb 26, 2021

Is the intervention of Russia (or China) in the internal affairs of countries such as the United States and Britain really wrong?

Is the intervention of Russia (or China) in the internal affairs of countries such as the United States and Britain really wrong?

Is the intervention of China and Russia in the internal affairs of countries such as the United States and Britain really wrong, or this is their natural right of self-defense to mitigate risk of foreign leaders that threatening their internal stability and independence?
The holy rule of relationships of any kind is that you must not do to others what you would not want them do to you.

So there is no doubt that as long as countries like the United States and Britain are careful not to interfere in the internal affairs of Russia and China, China and Russia must not interfere in the internal affairs of the United States and Britain.

And vice versa.

This is precisely the reason -whether we like it or not- why it is not only their right, but their duty, for Russia and China to intervene in the elections and the internal affairs of any country intervening in their own internal affairs.

As long as the choice of the next leader of a foreign country determines whether Russia or China is dragged into war with a foreign power (that same one, or, more likely, their proxy), the security services of China and Russia -just the same as USA and UK- have no more important duty than doing everything they can to favorably influence the outcome of the election of that foreign leader.

The security services of China and Russia have no other choice. We know it and we better stop play the game that we “do not know it”: They obviously must defend their countries from internal revolt funded and operated by foreign governments. That means they must intervene in whatever ways possible to prevent the election of any foreign leader who will bring disaster to the citizens of Russia or China. That is exactly their job.

I am not arguing that the security services of Britain and the United States should allow foreign intervention. On the contrary, they should do everything they can to block such action.

But it is ridiculous and hypocritical to expect one foreign country not to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries that are trying to harm its own internal security, political system, civil order, or economy.

Just like the war on terror, the only effective way to protect your country from terrorism is not to create enemies.

The USA and UK are obviously free to choose whether or not they keep investing so much of their resources on influencing the internal affairs of Russia and China. But only a blind and ignorant leadership would regard that whatever they do to others is anything other than a welcome invitation for others to do the same to them.

The real meaning of Democracy is: "by the people, for the people". All the people that affected and not only supreme privilege race. That’s democracy. Democracy must be by all the people, for all the people (all those people whose lives are affected by the elected government). So, if a country don't want Russia and China pushing their fingers in their backdoor, the solution is simple: not to push the nose into their territory.

Of course, China, Hong Kong and Russia have their own internal and social problems, which everyone would like to see solved. Just as there are serious internal issues in the UK, and even bigger and deeper social problems within the United States. But hypocrisy and double standards are not the right remedies to cure them. Allocating all the huge budget and quality people that dealing with destabilizing others to taking better care of your own critical social problems, is leading by example and much better ways to do things right.

The world need strong America and UK. Seeing them collapsing from inside because all their resources allocating to damage others - should worry anybody that appreciate the core values that real democracy should have.

Who love US and who love a UK -as I do- should make sure they are doing OK, much before they lecturing Russia and China why they doing better (better economy, better health care, better education system, better Corona Virus handling), but not perfect.

Dave in Canada 218 days ago
Why does this article begin with US spelling?


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