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Tuesday, Dec 06, 2022

INNOTIER fuses virus-fighting technology, hygiene and sustainability into fashion

INNOTIER, a cutting-edge fashion brand, was conceived in an R&D center in the UK where the company teamed up with partners in the US to create products with the highest technology and sustainability.
Selecting Hong Kong as its headquarters, INNOTIER is an innovation-driven company with a mission to develop products that promote a sustainable lifestyle while leveraging the wealth of experience in sustainable production and vertical supply chains in Asia.

The company has 60 years of experience in manufacturing with its heritage roots in gloves manufacturing since 1963. It restarted in 2016 and adopted ESG principles and sustainability to create a new business with a purpose.

Backed by a global mindset with a view to providing human-centric solutions, its mission combines the three pillars of hygiene technology, sustainable lifestyle and fashion. It fully owns all of its factories to offer top-quality products derived from ESG and sustainability.

Antiviral garments meet market needs through sustainable technology

Faced with the pandemic, INNOTIER realized that fashion alone can no longer satisfy consumer needs. Its patented technology steps in to create fashion that offers protective antiviral and antimicrobial functions.

Anti-viral fabrics function by inhibiting and eliminating micro-organisms from growth and reproduction, thereby providing protection against pathogens. These pathogens include odor-causing bacteria and stopping their growth can prevent unpleasant odor oozing from clothes.

In addition, Innotier garments have pure silver woven into the fabrics instead of merely laminating or spraying onto the surface of the materials. This ensures that anti-viral efficiency stays intact for the entire lifetime of the garment.

Redefining fashion with function in a sustainable way, INNOTIER was awarded a Certified Sustainable Development Corporate (CSDC) recognition by UNESCO HKA.

Reducing carbon footprint by reusable antiviral Innoshield masks

With 54 million one-off disposable masks discarded each week in Hong Kong, and with every decomposed mask releasing 880,000 to 1.17 million microplastics, INNOTIER stepped in to address the problem by introducing Innoshield masks.

Innoshield masks can go through 200 washes and feature a self-disinfection efficiency that lasts throughout the lifetime of the product. Made of fabric that contains silver yarn, they are proven against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) with a 99% reduction on contact and onwards.

These reusable face masks not only offer anti-odor and ultra-violet protection 50+, but are also breathable, soft and comfortable to wear. Most important of all, they eliminate the use of disposable masks.

From 2020 to June 2022, 130,000 Innoshield masks were produced, reducing carbon emissions by 91.37%, or 776,841 kg of carbon dioxide.

Apart from InnoShield masks, Innotier also offers InnoTouch gloves, InnoCapsule UVC disinfectant pouch, InnoSpace UVC disinfectant garment bag and an array of travel accessories to protect travelers irrespective of their destination.

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