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Friday, Jan 22, 2021

India Is Marking People It Wants Quarantined With Stamps They Can't Wash Off

"It's the same as being stamped at a nightclub. Get over it."
The Indian state with the highest number of coronavirus cases in the country started stamping the hands of people flying into the country from abroad with indelible ink earlier this week to prevent community transmission of the virus.

The ink, which only wears off over time, states the date until which the person should remain quarantined at home. The default period is 14 days. India also uses this ink to mark voters’ fingers during elections as proof of having voted.

Authorities believe that leaving a visible stamp on people’s hands right below the knuckles will encourage them to stay home and help others notice if they venture out in public.

“If such people go out, others can identify them as home quarantine patients. This is being done so that patients strictly observe home quarantine,” Rajesh Tope, the public health minister of Maharashtra, the state that decided to stamp people's hands, told Indian media.

The controversial move came after 11 people in the state who were in isolation awaiting their test results for the coronavirus escaped from a Mumbai hospital on Monday.

Some people were supportive and thought it was no different than being stamped at a nightclub.

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