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Monday, Apr 12, 2021

Hundreds of people queue to visit outlying islands during five-day holiday

Hundreds of people queue to visit outlying islands during five-day holiday

The five-day Easter holiday started today, with more than a hundred people queueing to go to outlying islands.
Over a hundred people were waiting to board in Peng Chau and Cheung Chau Piers in Central.

Outlying islands like Sai Kung and Cheung Chau were crowded with people. Piers and bus stops in Sai Kung Central packed with people going to sea or hike.

There were queues in the bus station heading to Wong Shek Pier. More than a hundred people once queued in the taxi station.

Meanwhile, 35 public swimming pools reopened this morning, and 15 beaches resumed lifeguard services today.

Some swimmers were very excited about the reopening, as they used to swim in the swimming pool every day.

The government reminded the public to stay alert to avoid another wave of coronavirus outbreak while enjoying the holiday.

It added that the pandemic in Hong Kong is at a crucial stage right now. It needs everyone's effort to zero local transmission.

Vaccination centres still operate as usual during the Easter holiday. The government recommended citizens spend their free time receiving coronavirus jabs. They can have more time to rest after vaccination.

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