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Wednesday, Sep 23, 2020

Hundreds fall victim to HK face mask scams

Hundreds fall victim to HK face mask scams

Police said on Monday that they had made 31 arrests over face mask scams, with more than 400 people cheated out of around HK$3 million between them.
The force said the victims had handed over money for masks during the coronavirus pandemic, but the goods never arrived.

Superintendent Chan Rock-sang from the police's Cyber Crime and Technology Bureau said masks were offered for sale on social media and online marketplaces.

"Most of the accounts set up to sell these masks were newly established," he said, suggesting this could be a cause for concern.

Chan urged people searching for face masks to do some research on any websites or social media accounts they are thinking of buying from.

Customs and police officers have made previous arrests over alleged face mask scams and the sale of substandard products.

Last month, one fraud victim alone was said to have lost around HK$186,000 in an online scam, while a suspected fraudster had netted HK$1 million, police said.

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