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Friday, May 14, 2021

How To Deal With A Tiny House Bathroom-Inspiring Design Ideas

How To Deal With A Tiny House Bathroom-Inspiring Design Ideas

Just because a space is small doesn’t mean it also has to be inefficient, cluttered, impractical or less than gorgeous. When dealing with a small house it’s usually the bathroom that has to suffer the most so to speak. Some are tiny, so tiny that sacrifices have to be made.

That however doesn’t ruin their charm. Here are a few examples of tiny house bathrooms that look not just beautiful but that also offer some very inspiring ideas as to how to organize and decorate similar spaces.

Although truly tiny and part of a 32′ foot home built by Hawk Tiny Homes Inc., this bathroom has all the basic elements like a toilet, a shower, a sink with a nice vanity, a storage cabinet and even a washing machine/ dryer and everything fits comfortably inside without making any of the features feel like they’re lacking anything. The walls and most of the furniture and fixtures are white which helps to make this tiny space seem a bit bigger.


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