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Sunday, Sep 19, 2021

How Hong Kong scam victims can seek action from police or banks

How Hong Kong scam victims can seek action from police or banks

Both the police and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority have easily accessible mechanisms in place to help those who are unhappy with how their cases were handled.
With reference to the letter from Graeme Duncan complaining about “Devil’s Breath” scams in Wan Chai (“Hong Kong police need to make bar district feel truly safe”, July 10), there are existing mechanisms to ensure the Hong Kong Police Force and banks act to protect citizens from criminal acts or redress complaints.

Anyone unhappy with how the police handle such cases should first contact the district commander to discuss their expectations. If necessary, they can then refer the case to more senior officers in the chain of command all the way up to the commissioner of police.

Their email addresses are publicly available in the telephone directory of the Hong Kong government. The cases can also be sent to the Complaints Against Police Office and the Independent Police Complaints Council for their review.

With respect to banks, if the victims believe they should have done more to assist them, they can file a complaint with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. It has a well-established mechanism to process complaints against banks.

With the increasing number of scams and money-laundering cases in recent years, the monetary authority should also work more closely with the banks to offer more protection to Hongkongers.

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