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Wednesday, Aug 17, 2022

Hong Kong to close all beaches starting Thursday: sources

Hong Kong to close all beaches starting Thursday: sources

Hong Kong will ban citizens from entering beaches starting Thursday, according to sources, after mainlanders in lockdown hit out at local beach-goers spotted having a good time.
The Leisure and Cultural Services Department only said they will announce the latest anti-pandemic arrangements in due course, if there is any.

Over the weekend, many Hongkongers flocked to beaches as temperature rose. Scenes of beach-goers sunbathing without masks on soon drew fire from mainlanders, including those who are now undergoing a seven-day lockdown in Shenzhen.

The mainland netizens slammed Hongkongers for insufficient anti-pandemic awareness and ignoring Covid curbs.

Last week, the department urged citizens not to visit beaches as there is no lifeguard on duty. Yet, the “reminder” didn't stop people from having a good time, with crowds seen at major beaches such as Repulse Bay.

Meanwhile, Hongkongers have different responses to the possible ban. Some said people “asked for it” as they ignored daily infection figures and stayed on beaches without masks on.

Others argued that the mainlanders are probably “jealous” of Hongkongers.

“The arrangement is meaningless. The infection would surge even faster if everyone are stranded indoors,” one wrote.

“Obtaining vitamin D from sunbathing can strengthen our immune system,” another joked.

Some teased the Hong Kong government for its “swift decision making” soon after mainlanders took the matter to Weibo.

Users of the microblogging site believed Hong Kong is to be blamed for the lockdown in Shenzhen started Monday.

“Mainland sent help to Hong Kong and now she is burning herself!” one wrote.

Hu Xijin, former editor-in-chief of Global Times, wrote: “Hong Kong dragged Shenzhen into this.”

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