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Sunday, Nov 27, 2022

Hong Kong’s civil service sees record high number of resignations

Hong Kong’s civil service sees record high number of resignations

Hong Kong’s civil service has seen the highest number of resignations over the past year since the 1997 Handover. A total of 3,743 civil service employees have resigned in the last year, according to official figures – doubling the figure from the preceding year.
The figure released by the Civil Service Bureau accounted for around 2.1 percent of the government’s 178,000 total strength. Among those who resigned, 32 were from the administrative grade, 10 were directorate officers, and 22 were non-directorate officers.

The figure of civil servants heading for the exit has risen yearly since 2017.

A total of 1,333 civil servants resigned in the year 2017/2018, with the figure growing to 1,443 and 1,571 in the next two years, respectively. In the year 2020/2021, a total of 1,863 civil servants resigned, including 21 from the administrative grade.

Meanwhile, the number of applications received for administrative and executive officer jobs was also declining.

The number of people applying for administrative officer positions dropped from 17,000 in the year 2017/2018 to just 9,700. Applications for executive officer jobs fell from 25,000 to 15,000 in the same period.

Leung Chau-ting, chief executive of the Federation of Civil Service Unions, said earlier that the uncertainty of the civil service’s working environment is compounded by increasing political pressure and the recent deterioration of public attitudes towards the civil service.

He also said some civil servants did not want to work on the front lines of the Covid campaign.

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