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Thursday, Oct 29, 2020

Hong Kong police station damaged by suspected petrol bomb attack on Sunday morning

Attack took place at Ngau Tau Kok Police Station in Kowloon Bay around 7.30am, while a wall nearby was also spray-painted ‘Dare not forget’ Police are investigating the arson case but no arrests had been made as of Sunday evening
A Hong Kong police station was slightly damaged in a suspected petrol bomb attack on Sunday morning.

Officers at Ngau Tau Kok Police Station on Siu Yip Street in Kowloon Bay were alerted by a bang soon after 7.30am.

Police found burn marks on a wall near the entrance to the premises as well as on a pavement nearby.

On another wall on the other side of the entrance somebody had spray-painted a slogan: “Dare not forget”.

Two kerosene jars, four portable gas canisters, and shards of glass were found on the pavement.

Police cordoned off the area for investigation and the graffiti was later cleaned-up.

The suspicious case has been classified as arson. There was no report of injury and no evacuation was needed either.

An investigation is under way and, as of Sunday evening, no arrest had been made.

Arson is punishable by life imprisonment.

Hong Kong’s anti-government protesters have targeted police during the last six months of civil unrest, accusing them of siding with the government and using excessive force to handle demonstrators.

Last week, police froze HK$70 million in funds said to be raised by a group of activists to support protesters, and arrested four people.

Police suspected the funds were used for personal gain and other illegal activities, such as participation rewards for young protesters. The four were later released on bail.

The group of activists, Spark Alliance HK, denied allegations of money laundering and said police were smearing it.

Activists have planned a rally on Monday to condemn the police action, claiming it was an act of “political suppression”.

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