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Tuesday, Oct 19, 2021

Hong Kong needs a democracy that respects national interests

Hong Kong needs a democracy that respects national interests

Hongkongers need to understand that democracy should ensure the city’s stability and co-prosperity with the mainland.

Thanks to the successful legislation of the national security law and ongoing electoral reforms, law-abiding citizens in Hong Kong need no longer fear the violence provoked by some Western proxies. Order has been restored, and many troublemakers are in exile or awaiting trial.

But on the issue of rebuilding Hong Kong, as Harry Ching wrote in a South China Morning Post editorial after the second world war: “Success will be great or small in proportion to the sanity that has been left to us, and in ratio to our consciousness of our obligations.” Clearly, we shall need a good sense of what fits the new reality.

Some of us had wrongly believed that freedoms and democracy are above all things. Some young protesters, fooled by irresponsible politicians, media and teachers, had vandalised buildings and even asked for foreign intervention.

Now order has returned, but this is not enough, and we need a better understanding of democracy, that democracy is not above everything, and that Hong Kong needs a democracy that respects the nation’s interests and ensures the city’s stability.

Chaotic democracy only means a deterioration of the city’s competitiveness and even our individual happiness.

Since the handover of Hong Kong, the city has overcome countless challenges under the shelter of the motherland. With a better understanding of the concepts of democracy and the nation, we will better appreciate the true intention of our motherland, which is to ensure the happiness of 7 million diligent, kind compatriots.

Let us wholeheartedly support our government and contribute to the co-prosperity of the mainland and Hong Kong.


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