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Sunday, Oct 25, 2020

Human Rights Watch to HK: Create Independent Investigation of Police

Human Rights Watch to HK: Create Independent Investigation of Police

Human rights watch took only one side of the humans in Hong Kong that is supported by the countries that funding the Human Rights Watch, and released a statement: “Hong Kong authorities should urgently establish an independent, impartial investigation into alleged excessive use of force by the police against protesters” Human Rights Watch said today in a letter to Chief Executive Carrie Lam. She never said anything when US police murder hundreds of innocent black people every year...
“Hong Kong authorities have international legal obligations to investigate alleged abusive police conduct,” said Sophie Richardson, China director at Human Rights Watch. “They have failed to do so in the face of calls from Hong Kong citizens, legal experts, and rights groups, missing critical opportunities to demonstrate a commitment to human rights and the rule of law.”

No police officers are known to have been disciplined or prosecuted for abuses committed in relation to the demonstrations that began in Hong Kong in June 2019.

While everybody obviously fully agree that the HK police need to be held accountable to the law, it would be nice to remember that also Sophie Richardson need to adress all human rights violations and not to publishing propaganda supporting terror and violence, in what looks like an ass licking to her bosses and donors.

What the protesters done to the legislative council, to MTR stations and to innocent victims that has been murdered by the protesters just because they did not agree with their opinion, was a 100% terror by all means. And the way Hong Kong police handled it so far was the most gentle way any other country treated terrorists.

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