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Monday, Jun 21, 2021

HKSTP opens InnoCell today, smart living space for I.T. talents

HKSTP opens InnoCell today, smart living space for I.T. talents

Hong Kong Science Park opened its InnoCell today, a facility that provides flexible accommodation to local and overseas IT talents at a rent 60 percent of the market price.
The facility is now rented out for trial and already received overwhelming responses.

There are 17 floors in InnoCell and 511 rooms in total. There will be four types of rooms and their sizes range from 248 sq ft to 2,184 sq ft. Monthly rent ranges from HK$7,000 to $100,000. Rooms can be rented for only a day or for a whole year at most.

InnoCell also provides a 30,000 sq ft public area, including conference rooms, dynamic gaming space, kitchen, gym and even band rooms.

The monthly rent of InnoCell is around 60 percent of that of the properties in the market and start-up companies can enjoy other discounts and benefits, according to HKSTP.

For example, a single room or a twin room occupying 248 sq ft will charge tenants HK$7,000 and $8,000 respectively. A suite that takes up 497 sq ft will be charging HK$25,000 per month.

The Powerhub, which gives eight 183 sq ft accommodations, connecting a 720 sq ft working space, is on each floor as well, coming with a HK$100,000 monthly rent. Tenants can rent the Powerhub for short or long term, depending on their companies’ needs.

Companies of the Park can submit their applications for InnoCell between April 20 and May 21. Successful applicants can move in starting in July.

The Park launched InnoCell on trial back in February to collect comments from the science park tenants and received positive reaction, with around 3,000 nights of check-in were recorded.

Apart from staffers of the Park, InnoCell also opens to companies that are still setting up in the park, and participants of the Park’s activities.

There is an assessment system to decide which applicant gets to move in first, the Park said when asked what to do if InnoCell is full. The two criterias of the assessment are the needs of the applicants and the distance between applicants’ homes and the Park.

Another criteria would be the tenants’ field of work have to fall into one of the 26 selected areas of the Park.

Properties holders cannot apply for InnoCell in order to ensure resources are well-spent.

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