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Friday, Oct 07, 2022

HK Streetathon postponed to fourth quarter of 2022

Hong Kong Streetathon, scheduled to be held in December, will be postponed to the fourth quarter of 2022 as the government has not granted the event exemption from the group gathering cap.
According to the announcement released on Friday, the organizer said they were still discussing with the government in October and had reached a consensus to release more information for runners to prepare themselves for the race.

However, they have not yet obtained the approval for the exemption from the group gathering cap “despite every effort to co-ordinate all parties concerned and gain lots of support from the government.”

Although they “have already invested many times the original resources and manpower to boost plans on pandemic prevention,” they face too many uncertainties in the pandemic and in the timing.

Therefore, the race has to be postponed.

The organizer added the postponement is not the end and thanked runners, staffers, volunteers, and sponsors for their faith and support.

The organizer said they will continue to plan and contact the relevant government departments so that the Streetathon can be successfully staged next year.

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