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Sunday, Jul 25, 2021

HK’s electoral shakeup a major step back for democracy, says Democratic Party chair

HK’s electoral shakeup a major step back for democracy, says Democratic Party chair

Hong Kong Democratic Party chairman Lo Kin-hei criticized that Hong Kong’s electoral shakeup is a major step back for the city’s democratic development, with authorities taking away every possible way for the democratic camp to speak for the people.
The change has significantly reduced the room for the democratic camp to get themselves involve in political deliberation, the LegCo in the future will lack the voice of the people.

“It will be impossible for the government to resolve the deep conflicts of Hong Kong society, if they are not willing to allow any element of democracy,” said Lo.

He also said it would be inappropriate for the executive authorities to vet the hopeful LegCo candidates, given the newly established candidate qualification review committee will composed of major government officials.

“A simple way to put this is that the executive authorities will vet the legislature,” he added.

“What’s more shocking is that the police will also join in with the screening.”

While responding to the representation of 117 community-level district councillors in the election committee being scrapped, he said the National People’s Congress Standing Committee’s decision makes no sense at all.

“They said district councils are district bodies that should not bear any political roles, but at the same time they included district organizations like the fight crime committee and district fire safety committees of the 18 districts in Hong Kong to be representatives of the election committee,” he stressed, “this makes no sense at all.”

Lo added that the Democratic Party has yet to decide if they will have any members running in the coming LegCo elections, citing the latest electoral change has lowered its member’s intention. He also refused to comment if he fits the requirement to run for a LegCo seat.

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