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Friday, Oct 23, 2020

HK$66mn spent to repair protest-damaged facilities

The Transport and Housing Bureau said around HK$66.25 million has been spent in the past year to repair public facilities damaged by protesters.
In a written reply to a question raised by DAB lawmaker Gary Chan, the bureau said from June 2019 to June 2020, 740 sets of traffic lights were vandalised, 60 kilometres of railings were dismantled, and at least 177 surveillance cameras at government facilities or public space were damaged.

It said around 22,000 square metres of road bricks were dug out, and 1,320 rubbish bins and 130 recycling bins were also broken.

The bureau said remedial measures have been put in place to prevent such damage in future.

For instance, it said some traffic lights now have protective shields and metal fences have been installed on some footbridges to stop people from throwing things onto the road.

Metal railings at street level have been fitted with special screws to make it harder to dismantle, it said.

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