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Sunday, Nov 27, 2022

Hair ban-challenge boy slams school's proposal as 'under satisfactory'

Hair ban-challenge boy slams school's proposal as 'under satisfactory'

A student who challenged his school to ban boys from having long hair attended a mediation meeting on Thursday, claiming the school's response failed to meet his expectation and prepare for legal action.
Nathan Lam Chak-chun, a Secondary Six students from Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Wong Fut Nam College, sent a complaint to the Equal Opportunities Commission in June against his school. He described the school's regulations as "sex discrimination" and "being indifferent to gender anxiety of students".

Lam attended the press conference after the mediation meeting today, describing the solutions proposed by the Principal of his school had a "huge gap" from his expectation.

"I know it will be a long-term fight," Lam told the press, "and I'm not surprised that the school would not make a compromise."

He added that he had received legal advice from lawyers and was preparing for legal action in case the mediation was unsuccessful.

In a video clip posted on his Instagram in July, Lam said his school to ask boys to have short hair was "unreasonable", questioning whether boys having long hair would harm the school's reputation like the regulations provided.

"I want to keep my hair growing to reach to the shoulders," Lam said in the video, "I know that boys keep short hair in general, but I don't think it suits me."

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