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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Govt continues to allow helpers to extend contracts for six months

Govt continues to allow helpers to extend contracts for six months

A policy allowing foreign domestic helpers to extend their contracts to expire early next year for another six months will continue, Hong Kong government announced on Tuesday.

The Commissioner for Labour has given in-principle consent that contracts ending on or before March 31, 2022 can be extended for up to six months, upon mutual agreement reached by the employers and the helpers.

“However, applications for further extension of those contracts which have already been extended under the previous flexibility arrangement, including that announced on September 28, 2021, will not be considered,” the release read.

If employers cannot make arrangements for a newly hired helper to come to Hong Kong within the extended six-month period and they need to continue to employ a helper beyond that period, they should consider renewing the contract of the existing helper.

After renewing the existing contract or starting a new contract, the helper can then apply to the Immigration Department for deferring return to the place of origin for not more than one year after the existing contract ends.

If helpers cannot return to their place of origin within the one-year period after the end of their existing contract, they can apply to the Department for extending the limit of stay until the end of their contracts upon agreement with the employers.

Both applications for contract renewal and extending the limit of stay are acceptable within eight weeks before the contracts expire.

The public is advised to submit a visa application and other employment documents online or through the ImmD mobile app.

Visit the dedicated webpage “Online Services for Foreign Domestic Helpers” for more information.


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