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Tuesday, Jun 28, 2022

Girl diagnosed with myocarditis says goodbye to artificial heart-lung machine

Girl diagnosed with myocarditis says goodbye to artificial heart-lung machine

An 11-year-old girl diagnosed with myocarditis three weeks after receiving her second BioNTech shot saw her vital signs stabilize on Wednesday as she no longer needed an artificial heart-lung machine to help maintain cardiopulmonary function.
The latest update by the aunt of the girl Siu Yik-tung confirmed that Siu finally said goodbye to the artificial heart-lung machine around 5pm Tuesday as doctors had been tuning down the machine and minimizing Siu’s reliance on it starting from Monday.

Her vital signs returned to normal levels, and Siu was no longer in critical condition, the aunt said on Wednesday afternoon.

However, concerns remain as a tube is still inserted into Siu’s throat to help her breathe, and they cannot yet wake the girl up.

“It is definitely a major step on her path to recovery,” her aunt wrote on the Facebook post.

Siu’s aunt also expressed sincere gratitude towards the professional medical team of the emergency room of Prince of Wales Hospital, who treated Siu’s scenario seriously and made accurate decisions at critical moments.

The aunt thanked the medics at the intensive care unit and the surgeons of the Children’s Hospital as well for their patience in explaining Siu’s situation and toil in every surgery.

Siu was first admitted to the accident and emergency ward of Prince of Wales Hospital on Wednesday last week with heart and stomach pains and was later diagnosed with myocarditis.

She was about to be transferred to Children’s Hospital but was rushed back to the ward as her condition deteriorated when loaded into the ambulance.

After hours of emergency treatment, Siu was taken to the ICU of Children’s Hospital at last on Thursday last week.

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