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Monday, Jan 24, 2022

Genki diner pays price for sharing QR

A man was slapped with a bill of over HK$10,000 after he uploaded a photo of his sushi and bill, which displayed the QR code for ordering food.
The man dined at sushi chain store Genki Sushi in East Point City, Tseung Kwan O at around noon on Saturday.

Halfway through the meal, the man shared his visit with the "Hong Kong Sushi Sashimi Concern Group" on Facebook, saying "Dining in Genki Sushi again today," and uploaded some photos, including a snapshot of his bill, which had a QR code for ordering food.

Unexpectedly, some netizens played a prank on him. They scanned the QR code and kept placing orders for him. Some pricey dishes were particularly favored by the netizens, including 21 bowls of eel rice, costing HK$78 each, and some sushi and sashimi, desserts and alcoholic drinks that were relatively expensive.

The man ended up being charged a total of HK$10,128 for the bill, after taking the 10 percent service charge into account. The excessive number of orders also made some of the dishes sell out on the online ordering system.

A spokesman from Genki Sushi said they had only charged the man based on how much he ate in the restaurant, not the items listed on the bill.

The man later deleted the Facebook post, quit the Facebook group, and even had his account deleted afterward.

But the photo and video of the lengthy bill that were believed to be the man's have been circulating on the internet.

According to the records, the man made his first order at around 11.50am. At 12.18pm, there were more than 140 orders made within a span of nine minutes.

The incident went viral on the internet. Some netizens wondered if the man could sense something strange about the bill, or if he eventually needed to pay the HK$10,000 bill.

Meanwhile, other netizens commented that the bill was even more expensive than an omakase - the Japanese tradition of letting a chef choose one's order.

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