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Wednesday, Aug 17, 2022

Four makeshift hospital workers caught up in mahjong playing row

Two contracted staffers from the makeshift hospital in Hung Shui Kiu have quit and two others have been suspended from duty, according to the Immigration Department, after a photo showing four people playing mahjong leaked online.
The said photo was uploaded onto Facebook page “Civil Secrets” on Tuesday afternoon by a netizen who claimed to be a cleaner working there.

Apart from the mahjong-playing photo, another photo that showed some hotpot ingredients stored in the fridge was also uploaded. The netizen then went on and said a group of workers from the department had hotpot dinner there one night, which caused a power outage for two break rooms.

However, the supervisor who was related to one of the workers didn't attend to the issue, according to that netizen.

Replying to media inquiries, the department said the people involved in this incident were not their officers but contracted workers.

The department also took immediate action after they found out about the photo circulating on the internet. Two involved workers have quit, and two others will enter disciplinary procedures after they were suspended from duty and had their salaries frozen in accordance with their employment contracts.

It continued that after the makeshift hospital was put into standby mode in early May, some contracted workers were found bringing items unrelated to work to the hospital, triggering an internal inquiry.

Although no misconduct behaviors were identified, the seized item have yet to be retrieved by the owners, the department said.

The department pointed out that staffers will be reminded of the government's requirements on conduct and discipline, and said no violation will ever be tolerated.

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