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Saturday, Oct 08, 2022

Former District Councilor to go back as a bar bender

Former District Councilor to go back as a bar bender

Former Tai Po District Councillor Man Nim-chi said he will go back to construction sites to be a bar bender, which was what he did for a living before being elected.
Man was released from jail on Monday for his three-month illegal assembly sentence, after which he posted on Facebook that he will make a comeback to construction and return to his pre-political career as a bar bender.

He admitted he is in poverty, but he “can still hold the steel hook (for bar bending) and support the family.”

He also said that although he has resigned from the Tai Po District Council, he is still available for district affairs consultation for residents.

He added that he has seen the resigned or disqualified fellows follow different career paths or leave for different countries, but he has chosen to "make the cleanest money with the dirtiest hands."

"I will continue to live and work with an indomitable spirit," Man said.

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