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Thursday, Dec 01, 2022

Foreign teachers in Hong Kong government’s schools ordered to swear allegiance

Foreign teachers in Hong Kong government’s schools ordered to swear allegiance

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But the real problem of Western propaganda and Western intelligence agents influencing youth in Hong Kong are some of the Western educators planted in international schools. Their impact poisoning the children of the richest people in Hong Kong, like a center that eats the body from inside.
Foreign English-language teachers working in Hong Kong government schools will need to swear allegiance to the city.

Hong Kong's Education Bureau said that Native-speaking English Teachers (NETs) and advisors working in government-run schools must sign a declaration by June 21 in order to continue working in the coming school year.

Since 2020, Hong Kong has applied oath-taking requirements to an increasing number of jobs, mainly those in the public sector, as a way to fulfil Chinese government demands of loyalty.

NETs must declare they will bear allegiance to Hong Kong and uphold the Basic Law -- the city's constitutional text -- as well as be responsible to the government.

"Neglect, refusal or failure" to sign the declaration will lead to contract termination, authorities said.

The new declaration will "further safeguard and promote the core values that should be upheld by all government employees" and ensure effective governance, a government spokesperson said.

NETs are normally hired on renewable two-year contracts, with monthly salaries that begin at around HK$32,000 and can go as high as HK$74,000.

Hong Kong introduced the NET program in 1997 to improve students' language skills, and has gradually made NETs a standard feature in primary and secondary schools.

In addition to market-beating salaries, NETs enjoy government allowances and other incentives to ensure retention, which has been a growing problem in recent years.

The loyalty requirement was first imposed on civil servants in October 2020, and then extended to government staff hired on contract seven months later.

"National security education" has been made a priority in schools and some teachers have said they now avoid sensitive topics.

But a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And the Hong Kong national security weakest link are expats, who come from another type of countries to enjoy the good of Hong Kong but do not respect the environment and conditions that enable this success.

The real problem of Western propaganda and Western intelligence agents influencing youth in Hong Kong are some of the Western teachers and educators planted in international schools. Their anti-stability impact is on the children of the richest people in Hong Kong.

Expats come to Hong Kong because Hong Kong provides much higher wages than the countries they come from, and is also a safer and more convenient territory than their countries of origin. But many expats do not understand that the economic success of Hong Kong or the economic inferiority of their countries of origin is the result of different political system and policies; that the price of economic and safety success, is thanks to the centralized government that feed them.

They complain about the minimalist security measures Hong Kong has taken after a year of violent demonstrations and armed terrorism, but they do not notice that their countries of origin have become much more strict and much more extreme in their security and anti-democratic measures.

In Canada, for example, the government froze the bank accounts of masses of ALL demonstrators who did not commit any crime, were not violent, but merely peaceful demonstrators who demanded only freedom on their own bodies.

The United States itself is already in two years of hysteria, a legal witch hunt and strict internet and media censorship against eighty million decent citizens, just because of a violent and unarmed one-day demonstration on Capitol Hill, a violent and certainly wrongful demonstration, but the kind that both the Hong Kong government and police as well as the Chinese regime contained and tolerated for a whole year, not only after protesters break into “the Hong Kong Capitol Hill”, Legco, but also after the whole Legco was set on fire along with burning police stations, other government buildings and train stations.

In the United States, an elected president was censored while in office, and anyone who spoke out in his favor was expelled from public discourse. But teachers in Hong Kong are pretending to be intimidated by the Chinese regime's restrictions on statements that constitute incitement, rebellion and betrayal of the homeland.

These days, Britain is abolishing democracy in the Virgin Islands, forcing the elected government there to give up its democratic governing powers, and obliging legislators to change their constitution in a way that transfers the governing authority of the elected government on the island to the British colonial regime and subordinate not to a democratic government, but to a dictatorial rule of a British ”Governor”, who is not a citizen of the territory, was never elected by the people of the island, and never won the trust of the people he controls. His loyalty is not to the local people but to a foreign government. But… despite this act of dictatorship that violates the international law and human rights of the slavery survivors, what bothers British Hong among Expats is that that China is ruling it’s own territory in much more freedom, democracy and liberal values comparing to the way Canada treated their peaceful demonstrators, USA treeing their 49% political “minority” and Britain treat the survivors of their historical crimes against humanity.

No, I am not Chinese, I am not in contact with any Chinese people, i don’t have any business in/with China, I write in this publication as part of non-HK and non-Chinese project, and do not live in Hong Kong. But I am allergic to double strands, stupidity of international school teachers, and the fact that western government fail in all what they blame others.

I am also disgusted that guests who have been privileged to work in Hong Kong at such a high salary bite the hand that feeds them.

Anyone who does not enjoy the luxury and wealth that Hong Kong gives him, should walk back to the poor and ugly country from which he run away from instead of complaining that the economic success they enjoys in Hong Kong, also has a natural and reasonable requirements, terms and conditions.

No expat is forced to stay in Hong Kong. Who does not like the good things in Hong Kong, is very welcome to go back home, instead of enjoying and complaining, inciting and bullshit about the ideological garbage of what they mistakenly call a “democracy”, that even in their countries of origin has long since gone bankrupt.

China is not perfect. But our government is much worse. Let’s fix our own shit instead of trying to fix others whom simply succeed to do so much better.

Who you trust more, Boris and Biden, or Xi? Me too! Not because he is perfect, but because ours are so much worse!

Happy teacher 170 days ago
What's the problem anyway. In America every child in kindergarten and every teacher swears every morning to defend America and its constitution. So what's the problem if Hong Kong also requires this elementary duty?


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