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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Foodpanda deliverymen go on strike over cut in delivery fee

Foodpanda deliverymen go on strike over cut in delivery fee

Over 300 foodpanda deliverymen will go on strike on Saturday afternoon over the cut in delivery fee, with workers saying the company has decreased the delivery fee of each order by HK$10 throughout the year.
A spokesperson requested a response from foodpanda by tomorrow (Sunday), otherwise workers will escalate their actions.

According to workers, foodpanda has been lowering the minimum delivery fee for each order throughout the year and the latest adjustment even saw a seven to 11 percent reduction.

It was understood that the delivery fee of each order for “walkers” – those who delivery food by walking – was decreased from HK$35 to HK$24, while that for motorcyclists dropped from HK$55 to HK$44.

The fee for delivering two orders at once was cut as well, sparking complaints among workers.

The measures have cut the salary of full-time deliverymen by about 30 percent. The monthly income of a deliveryman has declined to about HK$14,000 after netting out costs spent on gas and maintenance, according to other reports.

Waqas Fida, who has been riding his motorcycle to deliver food for three years, said he could earn about HK$1,000 a day in August. However, after the new adjustments kicked in, his daily income has plummeted to about HK$700.

Replying to media inquiries, foodpanda said they treat the delivery fleet as an essential cooperation partner and highly value their opinions. The delivery riders' inquiries on the delivery fee adjustment has come to their attention as well.

They continued that the delivery fee will be regularly adjusted depending on a number of factors, including the travel distance of the ride, saying the adjustment is a usual practice. They added they will continue to perfect the delivery process including giving out incentives to newly hired delivery riders and providing a tips function for their interests.

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