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Thursday, Jan 20, 2022

Food Expo stall suspected to have secretly offered food tasting

Food Expo stall suspected to have secretly offered food tasting

A stall at Food Expo was suspected to have secretly provided visitors with food to taste, including peanuts or cakes. The person in charge argued the food is just "for people to see".
The five-day expo opened today at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, where no food or drink, including food tasting, is allowed on site for Covid-19 prevention.

Cooked food booths were not seen as in previous years, while there were staff holding "no food and drink" signs to remind the public.

Some exhibitors were still seen providing customers with peanuts, cakes, and other samples, where there are also customers pulled down the mask to taste it.

The person in charge of the stall claimed that they did not offer food tasting, saying that the samples were just "for people to see".

She also said have participated before, whereas the no-tasting rule this year had an impact on her business.

There were also visitors seen to violate the rules, hidden eating at a corner near the toilet.

A customer said the rules do affect his desire to buy, saying "worried the taste doesn't appear to be satisfactory", but also said to understand the measures under the pandemic.

The Trade Development Council said that it is repeatedly reminded that all food and beverages sold on-site must be sealed and packaged, and that tasting is prohibited.

There will be also staff and health ambassadors to remind exhibitors and visitors to observe the hygiene measures and to wear masks at all times.

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