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Sunday, Jan 24, 2021

‘Fighter’ grandma, 86, beats Covid-19 after surviving Hitler and heart surgery

An 86-year-old woman who ‘survived Hitler, open-heart surgery, two replacement knees and two replacement hips’ has proved she is a fighter once again by beating coronavirus.
Doctors were reportedly considering a ‘do not resuscitate’ order after Barbara Briley was admitted with a fractured spine and tested positive for Covid-19 at Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham.

But against all odds, the grandmother-of-three, from Wollaton, ‘bounced back’ and her family have now shared her story to remind people that a coronavirus diagnosis is not a death sentence for the elderly or those with underlying health conditions.

After fracturing her hip in February, Barbara suffered a second fall during physiotherapy on March 12 and was rushed to A&E with a fractured spine.

She tested positive for coronavirus and became very sick six days later when her chest filled with fluid, Nottinghamshire Live reports.

Barbara’s daughter, Karen Gabriel said the family were ‘expecting a call’ to inform them of the worst – but it never came.

The mother-of-three, who had worked as a newsagent, was born just before the Second World War and had told her children stories of running through the Colwick woods as the bombers flew overhead.

Her ‘fighting spirit’ shone through again when she survived Covid-19 with the help of NHS staff and she is now determined to leave hospital as soon as possible after spending most of her time in quarantine.

Taking to Facebook to share the good news, Babara’s son Richard Briley wrote: ‘This is me with my mum she has survived Hitler open heart surgery 2 replacement knees and 2 replacement hips.

‘Few weeks ago she fell fractured her hip 2 ribs and her spine. Last week she was diagnosed with covid+19">Covid 19 and spent a week in intensive care she is 86…….

‘Today she has been given the all clear this is the sort of thing the media should be concentrating on there is hope people [sic].’

Speaking to Nottinghamshire Live, Karen said her mother is proof that ‘not everyone has to die. It gives you hope that old people and those with underlying health conditions [can survive].’

Babara’s grandson James Gabriel, 24 added that his grandma is looking forward to getting back to her group of friends and remains a ‘very cemented member of the Wollaton community’.

He said: ‘One thing nanny would say is a massive thank you for all of the support. It’s not a miracle. It’s hard work from the NHS and her fighting spirit.’

Barbara’s story emerges just days after grandfather Ewart Lockton, 87, was pictured saying goodbye to staff at North Manchester Hospital after battling coronavirus for two weeks.

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