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Wednesday, Jun 16, 2021

Fewer consider studying in mainland and Taiwan

Fewer consider studying in mainland and Taiwan

Hong Kong DSE takers who are interested in advancing their studies on the mainland and Taiwan dropped four percentage points from a year ago, according to a survey of 1,768 students.
Hok Yau Club conducted the survey between December and February. The club found that the number of students who prefer to continue their studies in Taiwan was doubled than that of those who chose the mainland, as 26 percent of students professed an interest in the former while only 11 percent of interviewees prefered mainland China.

This is also the second consecutive year that the number of students who prefer to pursue education on the mainland has dropped.

Among those who choose mainland China to further their education, 54 percent said it was because of the lower entry requirements and 33 percent said friends and family encouragement. Some also said it was due to the better study environment on the mainland. However, 60 percent of interviewees said they would not opt for the mainland as they were concerned about the political environment and system. 40 percent of interviewees also feared that they cannot blend into the local community.

Over 60 percent of students said they are more willing to go to the Greater Bay Area given the range of policies for the area introduced in the Policy Address such as Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Scheme.

As for Taiwan, most students opt for the place because of lower entry requirements, better study environment and similar cultural geography. Yet, nearly half of the respondents said they were worried about the legitimacy of the qualification.

The club said over 90 percent of students said they prefer Taiwan because of the government's loosen restrictions for Hong Kong and Macau graduates. Currently, Hong Kong students are allowed to stay up to one year in Taiwan for post-graduation internships.

"The results showed that some students when choosing where to further their studies, they concern more about their lives at the place rather than the contents or qualifications of subjects themselves," Ng Po-shing, the club's student guidance consultant, said. He added that students should also be mindful of the subjects they choose as it would have "an immediate impact."

Ng said students now have greater opportunities to continue their studies in Hong Kong as the number of local students has been steadily decreasing.

He advised students to always pay attention to the updates regarding registration and admission of mainland and Taiwan's tertiary institutions, as there may be changes given the pandemic.

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