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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Father slammed for trying to kick wild monkey when his kid being attacked

A father was slammed for being irresponsible as he tried to kick a wild monkey that pounced on his child.
A video shared online showed several hikers feeding wild monkeys in the countryside, and some of them were getting pretty close to the monkeys. It is not known where the video was filmed.

One little monkey approached a child who seemed to have food in his hand, but he turned away. Then a larger monkey suddenly pounced on the kid to grab the food, knocking him onto the ground.

Adults nearby rushed to pull the child up. A man suspected to be the child's father chased the monkey and tried to kick it, but failed.

The post soon went viral online and others slam the father for not looking after the child. "It was the parent who failed to assess the risk (of letting the child feed wild monkeys)," a comment read, "one should be licensed to have a child."

"He could not even take care of the child, everyone knows monkeys would grab food from people," another added.

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