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Thursday, Jul 29, 2021

Families hit as two kids plunge to death

Two separate home tragedies in the space of six hours claimed the lives of two youngsters aged nine and 14 yesterday after they fell from their apartments in Lam Tin and Tin Shui Wai.
Police are investigating both cases as people falling from height.

The first tragedy occurred when a nine-year-old boy fell from a small window in his 15th floor home in Laguna City, Lam Tin, about 7am yesterday.

The primary one student apparently lost his balance and fell from a small window of a 15th floor flat to the podium while asleep.

It was learnt that his father could not find his son at home and went downstairs to look for him, but failed to find him.

After returning home, the father found the window in his son's bedroom open and his son lying on the podium below.

Officers received a report from the boy's mother and found that the boy had sustained severe injuries. He was pronounced dead at United Christian Hospital.

Kwun Tong district councilor William Li Wai-lam said that he was discussing the accident with the estate's management. "Most Laguna City residents still have these small upper windows in their flats," Li said.

Six hours later, a 14-year-old girl was found to have fallen from the podium in Tin Shui Estate, Tin Shui Wai.

The girl was pronounced dead at Tin Shui Wai Hospital.

A similar accident occurred on Sunday, when a five-year-old girl, who was left alone at home, died after falling from her 15-floor flat in Butterfly Estate, Tuen Mun.

It was believed that her father had taken her younger sister out for lunch, and that the victim had gone to the terrace to play alone, falling from the flat after climbing the window.

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